How do I get Installation advice or support?

We have a dedicated team to provide on-site training for installation. This same technical team can also help provide bespoke solutions for many special requirements and accessories.

Is Technical Data such as CAD files and Line drawings available?

Yes! These will be made available to our clients through Trackwork. Please call Bev McBride at Trackwork on 01302 888666 or email Bev.McBride@trackwork.co.uk who can provide the relevant details.

How do I find out about pricing?

Speak to our sales team at Trackwork. Simply call 01302 888666 or email Sales@trackwork.co.uk

We need a sustainable cable management solution but the products listed aren't applicable. Is there a possibility for a bespoke solution?

Absolutely! We thrive on innovation and design. We have created many customised solutions for both the UK and overseas projects. Our design team would love to discuss your projects needs. Please get in touch at Info@trojan-services.com.